Being a good corporate citizen isn't just about maintaining high standards in ethics, or practicing in fair trade and business practices and corporate governance (although they are all vitally important). It's also ensuring that there is a significant reinvestment of our resources in the communities we serve, and outreach to those constrained by geography. Our success as an organization is largely due to the communities and people; it's only natural that we pay it forward.

Below are descriptions of some of our philanthropic and community outreach initiatives. If you are interested in supporting these projects or would like more information on how we may be able to help your organization, please contact us.

Local Initiatives

Emergency Preparedness

All disasters, regardless of the magnitude, are local emergencies until supporting resources arrive. That’s why a community’s level of preparedness is the make-or-break factor in averting tragedy. We lend logistical and manpower support to local public safety agencies for emergency training drills, and provide community training in first aid and emergency awareness. Many of our supervisors are trained medical task force providers and leaders and are able to deploy to incidents near and far.

Educational Outreach

In addition to providing training and continuing education for our employees, our training department provides educational support for students of our local partner EMT schools. Through our Gerber FastTrack program, we offer free didactic and skills tutoring, and certification test preparation to ensure that the next generation of EMTs are well-prepared to serve the public.

Community Event Medical Staffing Services

We provide complementary EMT and Paramedic ambulance staffing services for qualified non-profit community events such as fundraisers, charity walks, and health fairs. Our ambulances are also available for appearances for school fairs and special events.

World Initiatives

Access to Emergency Medical Healthcare in Developing Countries

Emergency medical services as we know it is a fairly new concept in the field of medicine, yet we tend to take it for granted. Outside the United States, especially in developing countries, the concept of an ambulance-based emergency is foreign or lacks the logistical or financial support to be implemented. We work with hospitals, non-governmental organizations (NGO), and governments to provide the equipment, vehicles, and training to provide this crucial access to healthcare.

Ambulance Donation Program

The majority of our retired ambulances are refurbished and donated to developing countries, where access to emergency vehicles is scarce or cost-prohibitive. Our ambulances have second lives serving the public in such countries as Mexico, Nigeria, Columbia, and the Philippines.

US-Japan Live Forum

The US-Japan Live Forum is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to fostering cultural exchanges in the field of science, healthcare, and technology between high schools and colleges in Japan and the United States.  Every spring, Gerber Ambulance hosts a live instructional webcast to nursing schools in Osaka.  Selected nursing students then travel to the United States and ride along with our EMTs and paramedics, experiencing emergency medicine, American-style.