Being a good corporate citizen isn't just about maintaining high standards in ethics, or practicing in fair trade and business practices and corporate governance (although they are all vitally important). It's also ensuring that there is a significant reinvestment of our resources in the communities we serve, and outreach to those constrained by geography. Our success as an organization is largely due to the communities and people; it's only natural that we pay it forward.

Why Partner With Gerber Ambulance?

Time Tested Experience

Over the course of the company's history, Gerber ambulances have responded to over a million incidents, and have transported hundreds of thousands of patients in emergency settings. We were there to evacuate patients during the Northridge Earthquake, treated patients at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market crash, sent resources to train derailments and countless other incidents where training and experience were key to keeping patients alive. Most of our EMTs and paramedics are aspiring firefighters, nurses, and physicians; many of them make the cut and are serving throughout the country with distinction.

Extensive Employee Training

Before their boots hit the ground, our new employees undergo an extensive, 96-hour training and orientation program during which they are monitored for suitability for a variety of emergency settings. Our drivers must accrue hundreds of monitored hours behind the wheel before they begin training in Code 3 emergency vehicle operations.


One of the key tenets of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) stresses communications and interoperability between resource types. We can rapidly scale our communications platforms in order to interface with practically any public safety radio system.

Keep Control and Save Your Budget

Partnering with Gerber Ambulance to handle the emergency patient transportation needs of your community helps keep you keep a handle on your budget. We can take care of the staffing, vehicle logistics, and even billing services so you don't have to.

State of the art, all modular fleet

Our entire fleet consists of Type-III modular ambulances providing the necessary room and safety features to keep your personnel and your patients secure. Each vehicle is custom-designed and manufactured to our exacting specifications, and undergoes a 180-point daily inspection by our employees, and are maintained by our NFPA 1071 compliant service engineers. We will also never bait and switch your agency and deliver inferior van-style ambulances, ever.

Stellar Safety Record

Gerber Ambulance Service enjoys one of the lowest loss and injury records in the country. It's not only a reflection of our track record, but also our principal mandate to integrate professional integrity, safety and accountability in everything we do.

Value-Added Services

From bariatric heavy rescue extensions to stat neurological patient transfers, we can work with your agency to come up with comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of the community.

Drill Baby, Drill

We thrive on preparing for the unexpected. Whether it's a mass casualty incident, a hazmat exercise, or an active shooter incident drill, we can provide the necessary ambulance resources and manpower to help your agency prepare for the worst. All of our paramedics, field trainers, and supervisors are trained and certified in FEMA ICS/NIMS-framework courses, and we even have certified ambulance strike team/medical task force providers and leaders on staff.