12 Tips for Helping Someone with Abandonment Anxiety | Relationship Skills

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Video by Dr. on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing .

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00:00 Being in a Relationship with Someone Who has Abandoned Anxiety
00:20 Objectives
00:46 Abandonment Mnemonic SCARED CHAMPS
01:32 Splitting
04:30 Clinging
07:40 Anxiety
09:10 Rejection hypersensitivity
10:50 Envy / Jealousy
13:18 Dysregulation
16:42 Controlling / Manipulation
18:13 Hypervigilant
20:01 Attaching too Quickly
21:51 Mind reading / Conclusion Jumping
24:33 Projecting
25:08 Suspicious
28:46 Support the Channel
29:04 Summary

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