What is ADHD and How Can it Be Treated?

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what is adhd

Having a child with ADHD can be stressful. The condition can disrupt daily life, interfere with learning, and create conflicts with other children and adults. Luckily, there are treatments available that can help. Whether your child has been diagnosed or not, you can improve your child’s ability to cope with the condition.

First, you’ll want to have an expert review your child’s behavior. This can be done by a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. They will observe your child and ask about his or her medical history, family history, and medical conditions. They will also ask you about your child’s school and home life. They will then review your child’s school records to look for other reasons your child might be acting the way he or she is.

The most obvious symptoms of ADHD include problems paying attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. These can be caused by medical conditions, traumatic life events, or behavioral disorders. You may also notice your child has problems with concentrating and organizing. ADHD is caused by changes in two different attentional networks in the brain.

Another symptom of ADHD is the ability to multitask. Your child might be able to focus on one task at a time, but it will take him or her a while to finish everything. He or she might also struggle to finish a paper or a math task.

You might also notice that your child has trouble paying attention to things that aren’t interesting. This can include the classroom, where he or she has difficulty sitting still and listening to teachers. Another symptom is that your child has trouble following directions, and may intrude on other children’s games or conversations.

Finally, you’ll want to look into treatments for ADHD. This can include behavioral therapy, medication, and learning activities. Your doctor can help you find the right combination for your child. They might even refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist if you think your child needs additional help. Ultimately, ADHD treatment can help improve your child’s performance in school and at home.

A doctor may also ask you to complete a questionnaire or checklist about your child’s behavior. They will also review your child’s medical history and look for other causes of your child’s symptoms. They may also conduct a screening for learning disabilities.

The American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) guidelines for diagnosing ADHD are based on a number of criteria, including the number of symptoms, the length of the symptoms, and the effectiveness of the treatment. The DSM-V includes subtypes of ADHD based on overt behavioral symptoms. These include combined and hyperactive-impulsive types. These have different presentations.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never feel guilty about your child’s condition. The symptoms can be caused by a number of factors, including a family history of ADHD, environmental toxins, or early birth. It’s important to get help from your child’s healthcare provider as soon as possible.

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