What is ADHD and What You Can Do About It

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what is adhd

What is adhd

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a chronic brain disorder that affects 8.4% of children, teens and adults. It’s a complex disorder that requires a diagnosis from a medical professional.

It can be a serious challenge to deal with and it can make life difficult for the person who has it. However, it can also be manageable and there are some things you can do to help.

First, you can talk to your doctor the symptoms you have and the problems they cause. He or she can refer you to a specialist, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health provider.

Next, you can ask your doctor to complete some tests. These tests can help your doctor diagnose ADHD and see if other medical issues may be present.

Your doctor can use the results of these tests to make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan. Some drugs can help people with ADHD to control their symptoms.

These medications may be used in combination with other treatments, or as a stand-alone therapy. You can also try to manage your symptoms with other techniques, such as therapy.

The most common medications used to treat ADHD are stimulants, such as Ritalin or Adderall. These medications can help to improve focus, reduce impulsivity and increase attention span.

They can also improve sleep. In the long run, they can lead to a better quality of life and reduce the likelihood of substance abuse.

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Some people with ADHD also take antidepressants to help them with their moods or stress. These drugs can also have side effects, including drowsiness and dizziness.

You can get these medications from your doctor, or you can buy them over the counter. You can also ask your doctor to refer you to a healthcare provider who specializes in ADHD.

Your doctor can also give you a prescription for an inhaler or inhalation device, which is designed to deliver small amounts of the medication through a nebulizer, which has air ducts that can be opened or closed. These devices are easy to use and work well for people with ADHD.

Taking your medications regularly can help keep the symptoms under control and reduce the risk of becoming dependent on them. It can also help you to control your behavior, which can help you avoid situations that could trigger your symptoms.

Another way to help control your symptoms is to eat healthy food, get plenty of rest and exercise, and have supportive parents. You can also find support groups to share information and experience with other people who have ADHD.

It’s important to realize that ADHD is not a normal part of growing up and it is not easy to live with. You can learn to manage your symptoms, but you must be patient and work hard to achieve the goal of a better life.

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